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The Tale of the Toads – The Search

April 4, 2011

The Search

The toads have spread into a tribe;
their chief – they called him Sixth.
He was a goodly toad who tried
to have their problems fixed.

The biggest snare they now did face
was that of harmony.
They could not sing with much of grace,
the beauteous melodies.

Instead, they sung in croaks and gasps
cacoph’nous clashing dins.
For blown away were songs of past,
by cold, forgetful winds.

The Sixth did send his toads to search,
to hear the songs again.
The bravest of their toads sprang forth
with all their given strength.

And all the while the rest took care
of old, of tads and poles.
They fixed their anxious, starry stares,
beyond the murky pool.


The Tale of the Toads – The Beginning

March 31, 2011

The Beginning

When earth was formed and saith He,
“Let toads be thus and thus,”
a ball of dust with water weaved,
collected into mud.

The slimy marble, glistening green
now faintly carved with life,
Unfurled its arms, its legs, its dreams
and deeply breathed a sigh.

The toad shook off eternal sleep,
and bowed his ugly head.
“You shall be called the First of Chiefs”
was what his Maker said.

The First then filled his sac with air,
and bellowed out a song,
a blissful tune, without a care,
he sung it all day long.

Then joined along did other toads
who came forth after him.
In harmony, they sung and chose
the joy of life in them.

The Tale of the Toads – Prologue

March 30, 2011


My children come and gather close,
and listen carefully
these words of wisdom of the Toads,
our fathers taught to me.

This story that I’ve memorized
and written on my skin
will serve you as a surely guide
in times of wanderings.

Let moonlight shine, illuminate
this dark and murky pool.
Let the gentle breeze, gentle waves
refresh and keep you cool

to fight the sleep that falls upon
your round, and plumply eyes.
This story’s why we sing our songs
with love, with all our lives.