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Wedding Poem

February 5, 2014

I must confess to you, my wife, my jewel, my star,
the lack of gifts that I’ve prepared for you
except the memories I’ve formed thus far.
A solemn oath to share our future too.

“What gifts are these?” the bride may ask the groom.
“What uses will they have for you and I?
What purpose served, in this our nuptial room,
are memories and oaths to til we die?”

Our memories can tell us who we are.
What is a man without them? He is lost!
Our oaths are what we hold near to our hearts.
My oath to you I’ll keep at any cost.

So will these two suffice for you, my wife?
For with these two I’m giving you my life.


An old sonnet from way back when

December 5, 2010

I have not updated in a while. Since I don’t have time to write a new poem, I shall post a poem I wrote a while back (before this blog came into being!) While most of those poems were intolerably sappy, I thought the following would be of some interest to random strangers who may visit my site, on the account that it was written during the time I was reading The Four Loves by C.S. Lewis (and hence the entirely too unimaginative if functional title…). Perhaps if you haven’t read that classic illuminating work on love, this poem will spur you to read it. (or The Great Divorce, which is like a fictional version of it…)

The Four Loves, Chapter 2

Perchance you see when walking down a street
A person that resembles what I’ve been
Don’t hesitate to stop him at his feet
And ask him how he’s feeling deep within

Perchance you’re at a park one afternoon
And see a lonely figure on a swing
who’s teary eyes betray his cheerful tune,
remind him of the greater, grander things.

Perchance you see an opportunity
to love someone who truly loves you back
then woe to you if you refuse to see
that happiness is knocking where you’re at.

Though sadness sweeps my needy selfish heart
I’m grateful having known just who you are.

Okay after reading that again, I really hate the last two lines… i shall revise it someday. for now, back to work. 😛

The old philosophers and all their thoughts

August 15, 2010

The old philosophers and all their thoughts,
the older angles and their ancient tongues
may teach you many things, except your heart’s
desires, and reasons for its longing songs.

The latest findings of all scientists
and what they saw when they have peered into
ourselves or out into the void – they missed
the reason for your heart that beats in you.

So why should we be any different?
Your mind can list so many reasons for
which Love should not exist, and yet you stand
in listless contemplations even more.

So look and listen to your heart and find
the reasons that it knows, unknown to mind.

When night has deepened to its darkest state,

July 5, 2010

When night has deepened to its darkest state,
the Moon shall shine in all her brilliance.
Reflecting on the sunlight she intakes,
she breathes it out in sighs for innocence.

The Sun – he’s always on the other side
and never in the sky together with
the Moon; his deepest longings thus denied,
he waits with patience with a bated breath

But even light that travels from his core,
comes not from him; for he is but a shade.
For look, the dawn is broken! There is more
in store than this, for Love will soon invade!

As Joseph dreamed when he was made a king,
To Love the Moon, the Sun, and stars shall sing!

The lines upon her face necessitates

June 22, 2010

The lines upon her face necessitates
a newer theory on what beauty is.
Though all the artists try to imitate,
their works, compared to her, must be dismissed.

Her gentle voice it questions all the work
of all musicians and their futile wish
in writing songs, or poets in their verse
to imitate the sounds upon her lips.

But greatest of her beauty is not seen
Nor heard. for all those near her, those who seek
To find it see the beauty lying within
And hears a heart of love in every beat

So let the ones who have the eyes to see
And ears to hear be stricken and believe

(okay I cheated those are from an old sonnet… But it fits here and I’m tired )

As when a dot is drawn out to a plane

May 31, 2010

As when a dot is drawn out to a plane
I did not know the beauty of your lines.
But having seen, I cannot be the same;
how could I live as though I was yet blind?

And when the dot is taken up to space,
I woke to see the wonder of your shape.
How could I sleep again, or turn my face
away from you, from unrelenting fate?

The next dimension always seems to be
in short supply, for though our moments spent
are but a taste of love’s eternity,
they fly away, and back from where they’re sent.

If time can tell what’s truly in a heart
I’ll spend it well to find out who you are.

In such a weakened state of lost despair

May 31, 2010

In such a weakened state of lost despair,
I cannot see a glimmer of a hope,
that turns me back, that makes it all so clear
and blows away the choking, blinding smoke.

In darkness of your absence do i stand,
confused, and longing for your guiding help.
I do not know my heart, the acts of my own hands;
I cannot see the world, my brothers, nor myself.

The strong, clear note that resonates within
– it gives me strength, reminding of the joy
that I can have in hope; the note begins
to rise into a gentle soothing voice.

“Rejoice, rejoice!” In You will I find rest,
May you become my all; your name be blessed.

A sight that captivates my eyes and mind

May 26, 2010

A sight that captivates my eyes and mind –
She ushers in a kingdom in my heart.
My soul is conquered; nothing left is mine
Her smile invades as armies from afar

She cruelly rules and takes away her troops
For having conquered no more need is there
To station soldiers where it does not look
to have rebellion against the one so fair.

But such are men – rebellion rules in them.
Though yet I seek to stay within her reign,
My heart doth rise to shame, my soul repents
Of being thus captured in a state of pain

So send your smiles again and make it clear;
Reclaim to show me that your kingdom’s near

Holy Sonnet

May 5, 2010

How fast are spent the lonely years of youth
that pass into the dusk of coming dark.
How far away are echoes of the truth
that you despise with fullness of your heart.

For having known yourself that pleasure in
the world and everything that it reveals,
you hate yourself, for loving mire of sin,
full knowing my decrees and sovereign will.

But when I look at you, I see a soul
infinitely more precious than the sum
of all of universe, for there’s a hole
inside your heart where you and I are one.

Oh don’t you know that you are not alone.
In you my kingdom come, my will be done.

When darkness covered lands in gloom do live

April 16, 2010

When darkness covered lands in gloom do live
in fear for they have with their hands have killed
the very one whom God has sent to give
them life and light and all his words fulfill.

His friends who ran away from death in fear
had hid and lost their own identities
The one they followed loved and had revered
Had died a death so ignominiously

But lo, the rays that shine in through the hole
Reveal the tomb as empty of his corpse
As God had breathed on Adam long before
Again He breathed upon Jesus our Lord

The second Adam never will taste death
So boldness shall be mark of calrvary steps!