Cultural Bigotry of Liberal Theology

April 23, 2013

As a Korean-American who was raised in one culture while being immersed in another, I had an easier time recognizing various idiosyncrasies of the two cultures and noticed the mannerisms that were prevalent in both. It’s probably because I am aware of both cultures that I am able to criticize both of them and recognize that no cultures are perfect. Sometimes, in our discussions, I feel that the white majority in our class are critical of their own culture, heritage, and faith traditions and yet are overly credulous of other cultural and religious truth claims. I wonder if this extreme deference stems from cultural myopia. True humility does not consist of mocking, discounting, or debasing oneself; this applies on a cultural, religious level as well. Perhaps in an effort to be as tolerant and humble as possible, they’ve discounted and forgotten their own heritage. Rather, true humility consists on thinking of oneself less. But they do look at themselves, constantly, incessantly, for the only sin that they can think of – that of intolerance. Perhaps in their over zealous efforts to be accommodating of cultures they’ve introspected too much to the point of flipping inside out, and turned themselves into the worst kind of a pantheist – those who cannot even utter “I.”


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