Christian Family Values vs. Mormon Family Values

September 26, 2012

Mormons, regardless of their claims to being part of Christianity, believe in the value of family. Some Christians may mistakenly think that this emphasis on the value of family is a common ground that they share with Mormons. However, the reasons for valuing family by both religions are entirely different. The reasons being divergent, the extent to which family values are emphasized also diverge.

What are the reasons Mormonism values family? They believe that when a Mormon dies, he and his wife (or wives) will be transported to another planet and have many celestial babies, thus replaying how their version of god created us. (and let us not forget that their version of god is no god at all, having been created, lacking omnipotence, omnipresence, and omniscience). Thus, since families will be eternal, (although given the finite size of the universe, I don’t see how they believe this model will be eternal), families have infinite worth. Family values, therefore, should be emphasized in this life to the extent through which families should be protected above all else (except in opposition to the Mormon faith, because without being part of their church, you can’t go have babies in your own planet in the first place.)

On the other hand, Jesus did not teach that earthly families are eternal. In fact, all throughout the bible, God teaches on the one hand to honor your parents, to love your family members, and to love your spouse, but on the other hand that your ultimate love belongs to God. According to Jesus, there will be no human marriages in heaven. On earth, marriages are only as important to the extent that they shape us to love God and each other, and in helping us to understand the mystical nature of Christ’s marriage to the Church. All relationships, properly understood, are object lessons in God and His people. Family values, therefore, are placed below our own individual sanctification; marriages are not eternal – but we are. Families are not eternal in the same way they are in Mormonism.

What does this mean practically? Christians should not blindly place family values above all other policies and social practices. Yes, family values are important, but so is social justice. Yes, family values are important, but so is helping the poor and loving your neighbor.  Yes, family values are important, but never, ever more important than loving God with every fiber of your being.  All that is actually good about families comes from its reflection of that most holy community, the Trinity.

This also means that we cannot, in good conscience, work with Mormonism in promoting family values.  Our beliefs do not share much common ground with Mormonism, in either the source or the extent of the importance of family values.  Mormonism derives the value of family from the hope that their actual families will be eternal.  Christians on the other hand, value it much less, knowing that the value of family comes by looking back at the Family that was, is, and will be eternal, outside our own.

All idols are cut down, even the ones that looked like angels that we made into gods, Mormonism’s pagan god of family values included.


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