the Other

August 5, 2012

The Christian and even some mystics of other religions have a category of “the Other” that the modern man lacks. This category is completely foreign to the psyche of the modern man. He may acknowledge that he does not know very well about a given subject. But to admit that this subject is “the Other,” unknown in some respects yet transcendental and overpowering, is a final leap of faith and of defeat that the modern man with all his knowledge is unwilling or unable to make. For this leap of faith is an act of humility, an act that is more than acknowledging ignorance, for it is also admitting helplessness.  The Christian and the mystic then will know more of “the Other” because he admits that he has more to learn and that he cannot know it through the use of his own faculties and efforts. In an encounter with “the Other,” silence is the most wise and fitting response.  For the Christian, having listened, “the Other” demands his dependence and his loyalty. “The Other” reveals itself to all who would listen.


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