Importance of Work

June 25, 2012

When the world tells us that we are worthless, know that it is a lie. We are so precious and so loved that God sent his son to die for us. Likewise, when the world tells us that we are very important, that too may be a lie, for they value us according to what we can do, especially what we can do for them. When the world tells us that we are valuable because we are smart, or strong, or sexy or in other ways, these are just half-truths. We may very well be smarter than your average joe, but that is not why we are valuable. We are only as valuable to the extent that we are known by God through Christ! We are only valuable in God’s sight because of the work Christ has done. No one is saved by their works but by Christ’s finished work on the cross.

If so, then why should we work? Why should we continue to work and why is work important at all?

We should continue to work because when you love someone, you love the things that they love. When you love someone, you take one their characteristics. Our God is a creative, industrious God. We work because we want to imitate Him; that is a form of our worship. When Adam obeyed God’s command to name the animals and to work the garden, Adam acted in obedience as well as imitation, for God named Adam and planted the garden.

Work derives its value from the worker. But the worker is more valuable than the work. You are more valuable than the products of your hands. We are not to worship the idols that we create because they are worth less than us. When Adam named the animals, their names and significance were derived in relation to us. Who you are is more important than what you do, for you are a soul and are eternal but your work is not eternal. More precisely, your work is only eternal in the sense that it shapes a part of you. It is like how we are brought up under the active life of Trinity through the work of Christ. We can only taste this Zoe / Life through the work Christ has done.

These two points provide us with two boundaries with work. We will neither disregard work nor overvalue it. We will esteem it for God is at work. Nor will we worship it for we are more important than what we do.


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