Worship & Humility

May 16, 2012

Worship, i think, is a higher form of enjoyment.  When you worship God, you’re saying that God has qualities that are worthy of being praised and acknowledged.  But worship of God doesn’t stop there.  You’re also saying that these qualities are far beyond your own, that God is better than everything else in all creation, and that God is just qualitatively above all things in nature.

I think the idea of worship can help us enjoy everything else like they were meant to be enjoyed.  If you are an musician, you  won’t be able to enjoy someone else’s music if you’re thinking “Oh that’s not bad, but I would have played it differently.”  Or if you’re a poet, you’d say “Oh, that’s a nice poem; but really, what crude form!”  and so on.  You can only truly enjoy something if you assume the position of humility and admit that you cannot express the idea in quite the same way.  You cannot enjoy something as long as you’re primarily a critic and not a fan.  Now, certainly, you can be a discerning fan, but by definition, you can’t be a fan if you do not enjoy the work.

So maybe we should stop telling ourselves what an annoying melody or bass line a certain song has, but just admit that it’s that much far beyond what we’d be able to fathom.  Then we’ll be liberated in this position of humility to truly enjoy that piece of work.  So it is with the Cross; the only proper position to assume in front of Calvary is kneeling.  When we have in humility submitted ourselves to the Cross, we’ll truly see how beautiful the Story really is.


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