empty set

April 9, 2012
i was having a conversation with this dude… it was so hard talking with him because he wasn’t very focused.  he was so easily distracted by other things and people…. even when i tried to make eye contact with him, i could tell he wasn’t there with me.  but when i talked about math, a subject he knew about, he became interested in what i was talking about…
but i find that happening to me too. the older i get, the more closed off i become. maybe it’s age.  or maybe it’s sin. we become more cynical and skeptical and we filter out the information that bombard us. we judge and categorize  everything we take in according to our metrics – a constant, unending, laborious task. so we’d rather live inside ourselves and the fantasy in our minds where we are our own gods and no one can point out the cracks in the walls of our imaginary castles.
how can the Gospel shatter all this in our minds and in theirs? we have to find the trace to goodness and truth, the remaining link to reality that exists in their minds.  we have to find a way in through beauty, through logic, through pain, through anything that conveys objective truth that exists out of themselves.  something they have seen and still have a source of strength outside of their own prison.  the whole of the creation exists for that very purpose of pointing to the Truth.

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