Dominance of Personality

January 10, 2012

There is no face of a man on the moon; it is just that our mind interprets the craters and the shadows in a way that makes sense to us. The tree that falls makes no sound when there is no one around to hear it. The dog acts neither “friendly” nor “aggressive” when there are no human beings around to label his behavior. If this were the case, the higher would be conquered by the lower. Chaos overthrows order, and the darkness blots out all light. All traces of personality would eventually be extinguished with the death of the last person in the universe. Any trace of personality is due to our childish tendencies of anthropomorphism.

But Personality does not flow from bottom up. It can only flow from top to bottom ontologically. This can be shown in two ways. One, if personality flows from nothing to being, then it ceases to be personality and merely deconstructive chemical responses. Two, whoever claims that personality flows bottom up would have just made a claim regarding personality using his own intellect, an essential part of his personality, and thus have injected his own personality into his own proofs. Unless he is then ready to concede the transcendental properties of personality, he is trapped.

There is then, theologically, the “making new” that happens through the dominance of God’s personality. It is He who makes all things new. It is He who gives us names and calls us His own. Such is true to a smaller degree with humans and animals; thus in our roles as custodians we worship God in humble imitation. Such is true with humans and all created things. That is how we will rule with Him, as co-heirs.

But this dominance does not happen by sheer force. It happens, paradoxically, through self-denial, through Love. It is like the dialectical process of emptying out one’s mind to truly realize what one had sought to remember. It is forgetting what’s behind to take hold of that which Christ has secured, for He remembers who we are. Through this process, then we are then more of ourselves, when we are more like Christ. Our personality is fully restored when the core, the will, is submitted.


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