In Not Of

September 28, 2011

Let us look at the example Christ sets for us. Yes he hung out with the so called sinners of the society. But he didn’t participate in their sins nor did he condone their sins. But rather he accepted them, not for “who they are” but because of (or with the goal of steering them towards) repentance. Jesus did not tell the tax collectors to continue ripping people off and steal money; no, he commended Zaccheus for giving back seven-folds all the money he has stolen. Jesus did not tell the adulterous women to continue on in her scandalous lifestyle; no, he forgave her and told her to leave her life of sin!

In engaging this secular culture, the biggest danger is becoming a pharisee; we should not isolate ourselves and condemn the world without a heart of love. On the other hand, we cannot give the world the impression that sin is okay by us, that Christianity doesn’t really inform the way we live or shape the way we view everything.

1 Peter 1,2


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