The God Gulf

August 13, 2011

Hunger.  Suffering.  Wars.  Both non-religious and religious groups are working (sometimes together) to try to solve these global problems.

Yes, even from the Christian perspective, these are problems.  And yes, we can love our neighbors who suffer from these problems by trying to alleviate their suffering.  Loving them is not less than trying to solve these problems, but more than that.  Because from the Christian perspective, what is THE problem?  THE biggest problem is that of God’s wrath.  The biggest problem is eternal separation from God.  So any humanitarian efforts must have in mind solving this infinitely more urgent, infinitely more important problem of spiritual death.  So the so called God gulf can only be bridge from one side, the eternal side, the Christian side.  The natural cannot break out into the supernatural, but the supernatural can step in to the natural.  The natural has no guard against it; but once the supernatural enters in, it becomes part of the natural.  This is the definition of miracles.  Similarly, the so called God Gulf can only be bridge from our side.  We can work with them, but they will find it impossible to work with us if we are true to our mission.  They will find our aims repulsive and dishonorable.  Only God can bridge a God-sized gulf.


One Response to “The God Gulf”

  1. Sarah Says:

    Sometimes I wonder what the world would look like if every Christian was devoted to radiating Christ-like love wherever they went, shining the light that was meant to be shone. In an attempt to “solve” the problems of this world, we forget to Love radically, truthfully and unceasingly, testifying to the cross wherever we go. What good will wealth and world peace be if there is eternal condemnation waiting for our neighbors? “THE biggest problem is that of God’s wrath.”

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