Musings about Angels

August 1, 2011

most musings about angels and demons are probably inaccurate and mostly conjectural since the bible doesn’t say too much about them. still, one cannot help but to think about them sometimes, drawing out inferences from the scant passages and impressions of the light and shadow and dreams on fragile minds.

I wonder whether angels bow down to worship.  It’s rather difficult for me to picture them bowing down, not because they’re proud but because in my mind they’re always standing alert, perpendicular to the ground, straight and upright, ready to serve God as a warhorse is ready to serve a king.  Even before the throne of God, I picture them covering their faces rather than prostrating themselves.   i can’t imagine even the humblest angels on their knees or bowing their head in prayer. it is as if their spiritual joints have not been made to bend that way.  it is as if they are made to constantly glance upon the face of God.  in their absolute angelic innocence, even a trace thought of self is an impossibility.  faith isn’t required of them for they do see the spiritual things, just as we see the material world.

I suppose some angels *are* proud – namely, the fallen ones.  and i can picture them hunched over, not because they worship God but because they have been broken by the Son.


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