Just a Dream

July 31, 2011

White, shining, wings; gentle and kind.  These are some of the common words used to describe angels.  And these descriptions are accurate, mostly.  But there is another side to the angels that we often forget about; they are also strong.  Very strong.

I saw one enter to my room last night.  It marched in, unannounced.  It was at least 9 feet tall, but it did not need to stoop down or bend his golden silvery white head.  He did not greet me or even acknowledge me in any way.  Instead he dragged out this creature out of me – this scrawny, squirming, red-black creature that i shall call “clum.”  Now this clum was no friend of mine and yet i recognized his voice; i recognized that he was a part of me and though i hated him, he had been my companion for a long while.  As the angel dragged clum away, i felt at ease, but also feared what would happen to me without clum.  The angel threw clum into the bathtub and struck him with a powerful thrust of his silvery blue broadsword.

we are to put to death our sinful selves.  We are not without help.  The Holy Spirit resides within us.  We also have powerful allies.


2 Responses to “Just a Dream”

  1. Sarah Says:

    yes! but i wonder, if you really saw one in real life, whether there would be any initial reaction of fear and awe as it seemed to trigger in other characters in the bible; i assume it would 🙂

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