Broken People

February 14, 2011

God loves broken people. We are broken; we are loved.

I. The Dagger

The sound of silence stills the storm,
and shocks your consciousness
with candid clamor of the calm
that beckons you to rest.

Despite this present, piercing peace
you feel the wound within –
a dagger wedged, and stuck so deep
inside your bones and skin.

The wound that bleeds and leaves a trail
of drops of greenish red,
won’t kill you though your heart is frail,
won’t kill you ’til you’re dead.

But pull the dagger from its place
to purge the pain entombed,
then surely you will die disgraced
by self-inflicted wounds.

When shadows follow silently
and whisper all your names,
oh who will set this dagger free,
and pull you from this pain?

II. The Cry

From far away, a voice calls out;
it calls you by your name.
At first, you stand to look around
for shadows that remain.

This name you hear, you’ve never heard –
your mind begins to doubt.
“Could this be me? This precious word?
Could such a soul be found?”

Oh can’t you hear this cry of pain
that clears away the blur?
That wipes away the tears and shame
with hope that’s not deferred?

III. The Heart

With gentle hands, the Surgeon took
a look inside your heart.
“I cannot pull the dagger – look,
you’ll just be pulled apart.”

“The only thing that I can give
may hurt you even more.
You’ll die before you truly live,
than you’ve ever lived before.”

“For sin is such that only thing
that cures a sinful heart
is nothing less than a whole new being
that’s holy, set apart.”

In fear, you tightly shut your eyes,
and gasped as darkness came;
in lifeless silence, vaguely tried
to recollect your name.

You dreamt the echoes of the cry,
the promise of the voice:
“You are my heir, for I have died
to take you by my choice.”

If you are given this new start,
a wholly different heart,
why would you stab yourself and scar
what is not yours to mar?


2 Responses to “Broken People”

  1. Sarah Says:

    oh wow. this is breathtaking. can i repost this and bless others with it on my tumblr?

  2. HG Says:

    of course!!! 🙂

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