The “Witness” of the Non-Christians

February 7, 2011

This is in no way directed towards any particular Christian or any small group or any church.  Just an observation in general that we can all work on.

There is a group of friends in California that I miss.  They were, unlike most of my friends and acquaintances, not Christians for the most part.  Atheist, agnostic, Buddhist, and son of a pastor who’s wandered for a while.  I think there was something refreshing about their company.  Our friendship was admittedly based on similar interests and backgrounds, but there was something in everyone’s genuineness that was often missing among Church-goers.

What is this something?  Could it be that Christians don’t share the same treasure as one another?  A great picture of friendship, from The Four Loves by C.S. Lewis, is two friends standing shoulder to shoulder, looking at an object they both find interesting.  Could it be that as a Church we are not looking at the same object, same Christ?  Could that be the source of lack of genuineness in our churches and communities and fellowships?  If so, then no amount of activities and events will solve this problem.  The only solution is for Christ to become of supreme treasure in each individual.

We Christians are broken people.  We are just as broken as non-Christians, in fact.  Perhaps there’s a refreshing sense of innocence to sin stemming from ignorance from the part of non-Christians.  Perhaps Christians have inculcated themselves and hardened their hearts against instruction; we may very well be better aware of our sins, but instead of turning to Christ, we sometimes bury it or excuse it.  We apply this thin veneer of religiosity and put up walls in the hidden parts of our hearts.  The only solution is, again, to keep turning to Christ.  He must become our supreme treasure for us to be more aware of our sins and yet live victoriously through His life and death.


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