you are a paradox

December 11, 2010

You are a paradox. The idea of you is galvanizing, yet your presence is paralyzing.
I could write thousands upon thousands of lines of verse to recite in your honor and yet the sight of you robs me of my speech. So I write, unseen, as I do now. Many have died to win Helen of Troy, and yet i die constantly each moment when i realize that i can never win your heart, that ‘we’ will never be. Yet these death i will gladly die. Yea, though you bind my body, still my tongue, and spear my sides – I will still choose to be near you. You are the most beautiful thought to have entered my mind; let it purge all other thoughts. Your name is the sweetest sound upon my tongues; let it halt every other sound. Your presence is the taste of heaven itself, and well worth any past, present or future sufferings I may endure.

You can never love me in this state, for i am less than human. Yet for me to love you any less is unthinkable.

No wonder you despise me.

These aren’t directed at anyone. I swear. Read The Great Divorce for context >.< I must be really tired….


One Response to “you are a paradox”

  1. It may not be directed at anyone but everyone knows what you mean mon ami. Very thought provoking. Keep writing.
    The Lonely Recluse.

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