Sea of Galilee

November 7, 2010

We swam around for days and weeks,
with one important goal.
“Our daily bread is what we seek,”
our teachers taught us so.

We gaily followed round in schools,
through bubbles, soaps and foams.
We circled, danced around this pool
we proudly called our home.

The winds and storms would howl above,
but we would never mind.
Beneath the darkness, none would flood
with light to make us blind.

We’d take our comfort in the depths,
surrounded by the Night.
The quick avoided nets and deaths
for life – our given right.

We slept and dreamt eternal tides
and ancient prophecies,
that at the dawn we’d give our lives
at the Sea of Galilee.

So on that night when we have found
our stomachs emptied dull,
we sought the Bread up on the ground
and stilled our restless souls.

We did not dance, we did not swim,
we waited in the dark.
We treaded, hummed our sacred hymns
with all our tiny hearts.

For we could hear the men above,
at work in fruitless toil,
and throwing nets, with no resolve,
but for a parceled spoil.

But when we heard, the voice of God
we knew our time had come.
we swam to worship, with our love,
towards our eternal home.

And on the shore of eternity
we slept while men became
the fishermen of men, the Sea
of Galilee, our fame.


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