November 5, 2010

Everything you do entraps you. You are always becoming something, a someone. you cannot escape the flow of time, the oncoming future that you seem to decide and yet that somehow comes at you moment by moment determinatively. and when you look back you realize who you have become, the person you are, shaped by these moments you have spent nonchalantly without a thought or reflection on how it will affect your being. In the light of eternity, what you didwill come to light because who you are will come to light. So who are you? who are you becoming? everything you do is shaping, forming, entrapping you. You are bound by your struggles, by your mistakes, and even by your successes. For in our successes we put them out to define our identity. We claim that we are winners, not that we win. So what can free us from this?

The only solution to an identity we shape is one that is given to us. Sons, daughters. Heirs. More than conquerors.

The only recourse left is Love.


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