October 16, 2010

In foreign lands he roams the empty streets
being swept away by howling winds and whims
of passerbys who only look to please
and satiate their selfish sullen needs.
Some dark forgotten corner of abyss
awaits the one who once was called a prince.
Now homeless, looking for a missing piece,
in search of something only he would miss.

He looks for so called treasures lost, misplaced,
that are too valuable to be replaced.
He cares not for the way the strangers shake
in violence as they watch while half awake.
For though they could not see his missing shape,
they felt their shadows trembling in his wake.
He cares but little for the painful way,
He’s put to death to find the missing stray.

Oh joyous day when bursting from the ground,
the last of deaths are torn as errant clouds!
All strangers given faces so their mouths
are stilled from spewing blasphemies to shout.
When shadows given bodies, bodies gowned
Their heads adorned with tearily jewelled crowns,
Then we will know that love was never bound,
When everything that’s ever lost is found.


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