The Streetlight and the Huge Red Bow

May 28, 2010

There is a old streetlight near my apartment. There is nothing exceptional about it – it isn’t particularly tall, it’s a bit rusted, and has same shape as any other streetlight. I would not have noticed it or paid any close attention to it were it not for the outrageously red bow. You see, during the holiday season, there hangs a huge bright red bow near the top of it. It is entirely too big and too beautiful for the plain, worn streetlight. And because of the bow, even the worn rusted streetlight is made beautiful. The bow makes all the ugly forgettable parts beautiful and complete.

That is the picture of the Gospel, yeah? That people like us, when we come to Christ, is made beautiful by this outrageously good message. That even ugly, worn, depleted sinners are made whole and complete and beautiful by His loveliness?

It’s been months since Christmas. And the bow does not hang there right now. I wonder which streetlight we are. The one with the bow on it, or the one without it? If we are the ones who wear this bow, are we living like it? Are we shining that crimson light, that light which is powered and tinted by the blood of Christ, or are we trying to shine our own lights? We cannot live beautifully by our own strength, but rather be adorned by Him who is supremely beautiful and worthy.


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