Sorry I’m back

May 17, 2010

I haven’t written in a while. There have been sources of inspiration… Just been lazy about writing… Haven’t read a lot lately either… So many things to think about and take care of….

Time for random thoughts

Character. One reliable measure of character is a person following up on their word. And I find myself falling short in this regard time and again, whether it’s being late or underperforming or getting up late or staying up too late (like now!!) Another measure is being uncertain in giving our word. This is evident in my time with God and with others and how I spend my time. To change I must first be firm in my commitment.

Sin. The problem with this sanctification process is that in regards to my sins I look at them as if i’m just an observer, and not the one committing them. I must own up to my sins and leave room for grace.

Grace. What a fragile grasp on this most wondrous doctrine do I seem to have sometime. My judgemental attitude towards others and their faith only betrays my lack of understanding of God’s grace.

Writing. With any and all type of writing there needs to be research. And fortunately for amatuer writers, all of us are constantly researching all the time. Unfortunately, we either research the wrong things (Starcraft build order) or not analyze what we learn. If we research the wrong things our writing will be repetitive and subject matter unintriguing; if we fail to analyze our writing will lack depth and insight.

Poems. I need to write a poem for tomorrow. (Why? See thoughts on Character) So many undeveloped stories… But I think my forte is in writing sonnets.


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