The Final Answer to Existential Questions

May 4, 2010

Consciousness is both gradual and sudden. There seems to be a long gentle upward slope until one day you are aware of yourself, or that you are aware of being aware of yourself. And these moments of sudden insights seem to happen every so often, at unexpected intervals. Then you look back and wonder how foolish you were, then realize how foolish it is to think about how foolish you were in the past. The mind boggles at the irony of it all, that makes you shake your head and laugh it off.

At one point you come to wonder – or in my case, to feel – wether we are alone in this vast universe, not only in terms of other people but in terms of God, of ultimate meaning, purpose and reality. For we feel even in our closest relationships with others an infinite gap, just from the virtue of being different beings. This alone-ness confronts us to our doubts and demands answers.

Yet in our deepest of hearts we know that we are not alone, that we are not orphans. We know this not from some wish-fulfillment because we know what that feels like. We realize that nothing in this world would matter if we were indeed alone: not the time we spend in helping others or admiring a piece of art.

But we see around us things that do matter, and find in people a spark of something so precious if tainted. We learn that how we spend our time does matter, that our claims to love something or someone is only validated by the time we spend on it or with them.

And yet the question still remains. For we wish it to be true, yet we are powerless to see that God exists, or even that we exist. Here then is the power of the Gospel to answer all the wanderings of heart and mind. Here then is a God, a self existent reality, the I AM THAT I AM, who sends his only Son to die, to give you a new identity, a new ‘definition’, a new name, no longer an enemy of God, but rather a co-heir with Christ.

Here is a message that will finally allow you to stop the futile attempts to define yourself. Here is a message that allows you to truly care-freely forget yourself and love others, with the full assurance that you are remembered by the One who knows all things. Here then is the Truth that answers all our longings for meaning, for truth, for fellowship, for love.

This Gospel does not depict God as a tyrant, but reveals a loving Father. It teaches us that at the center of reality, the Being is other-centered, that God is Love from all of eternity by showing us the joy within the community of the persons of trinity. All beings therefore, must be other-centered in order to truly remain a ‘being’. ‘Will’, the center of personhood, is referential; self-referential beings, therefore, loses part of what it means to be a person. That is why pride is at the center of all sins and opposes the work of the Spirit in convicting a soul towards grace.

We simplify the Gospel; Jesus saves us from our sins. Well and good. But whenever anything is saved from something, it is also saved for something else. Jesus not only saved us from all our sins but also saves us for himself. He frees us from sin so that we may willingly and joyfully take on his yoke, easy and light. He can only give us this type of Life for there is no other type of life. He can only give us himself.


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