Sorry, i have to vomit

April 12, 2010

Prose exercise – use the following words! You have 10 minutes! Go!
Clock, cup, bullshitting, anxiety, to vomit

The splitting noise of the alarm clock woke him up. After groaning and muttering about his headache he finally turned off the alarm, and jumped into the shower. It was Sunday and it was time for church. He cursed at the cold water and hurriedly washed his hair. What happened last night? It was mostly a blur, and the last thing he could recall was gulping down another shot of vodka. The water in the shower was finally warming up but he had no time to enjoy its luxuriant soothing flow. He quickly dried himself, got dressed, gulped down a cup of juice, and got into his car. He was late for prayer meeting and had to give another bullshit excuse for why he overslept. He had to share about how good his week was, and how his prayer request was to do the quiet time everyday and share his anxiety about praying more.

He got to church only five minutes late. He didn’t realize that his eyes were bloodshot and his breath still smelled like alcohol. Everyone sat around in a circle and quickly shared prayer requests, about how God was the greatest joy in their lives.

He stood up. “Sorry,” he said, “I have to vomit.”


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