The Punderer

March 16, 2010

Who interupts a conversation to
Deliver with a grin a line or two,
Containing not a vivid metaphor
Nor any valid points? The punderer!

Who claims to punder deep comedic sins
Of similar sounding words that double in
Their dreaded meanings met with sighs and groans?
The Punderer who hast his burdens borne.

Who welcomes even feigned or pitied laughs
Encouraged furthermore to find at last
A kindred soul with whom to spiral down
Into the puny hole where puns are found

Oh punderers you know in deepest parts
That lowly form you use cannot be art
Yet still the words that form inside your mind
Must in their proper moments presence find

For all of time may pass and never will
Another fateful chance present itself
So pun away and pun for pun’s own sake,
For such a task is ours to pundertake.

I am a horrible horrible man


2 Responses to “The Punderer”

  1. wordwand Says:

    thanks for the lovely poem, well structured, good choice of wordsand lovely rhymiing too.

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