Why We Sin

December 12, 2009

Sometimes, when I reflect on heaven, I am overwhelmed. Do we really believe in this place where there will be no more tears and sorrow but only joyful songs of praise? These thoughts are simply too beautiful for us to fully comprehend. What will it be really like? What will it look like? Now we see but a poor reflection as in a mirror, but then we will know fully. Then we will meet Love face to face, and our faiths will be commended, all our hopes realized. Then we shall see the the culmination of all our desires and longings; at that time will our hearts be fully convicted of our sins, yet fully convinced of His Love. In heaven we will be unable to sin, unable to forget who God is, for we will be unable to take our eyes off of our beautiful Lord. Until then, the creation eagerly awaits for the revealing of His heirs. Until that time, we will fail. We will sin. Why?

One cause is our problem with our spiritual sight. We sin because we take our eyes off of our Lord. We sin because we think that something else is more beautiful, and worthy of our attention. We have fixed our gaze away from Christ and on something else. We sin because we are captivated by the allure of waters from broken cisterns, to the lies that there is life to be found else where. We sin because we find the temporary pleasures of our flesh more appealing than the eternal promises. How foolish of us! “He is no fool who gives up what he cannot keep to gain what he cannot lose!” said one missionary who gave up his life for the Gospel. Yet when we as Christians sin, we are doing the exact opposite. We are trading in what is eternal and most beautiful for what is temporary. We are forgetting our Lord, erasing him from our minds, and filling it with idols.

Second cause is our lack of right affections. Even in doing the ‘right’ things like reading the bible, can be sinful! Oh how peaceful are the lives of the saints, for they find comfort in the presence of our God our Sabbath! When I read my bible, am i doing it begrudgingly, only with a sense of duty? One could read the whole bible on his knees and not understand a single word. Even worse, do I read it with a sense of expectation that God will bless me if I do so? How unfortunate would that be! My faith would be ruined if something bad were to happen, for then God would prove to be unfaithful and His promises unsure! How much better would it be to read it with joy, with eagerness, with affection? How much more would I get out of it, if I loved Him, and therefore His word? And what of prayer? If I loved God, would I not love spending time with Him? Would it not mean I would spend MORE time, and not just five minutes at the end of the day? Would my posture be so slovenly were I to be in utter love with God? Conversely, would I find such pleasure in sin? The joy you derive out of anything is the measure of your love for it. Am I that in love with the world?

Finally, and ultimately, we sin because we simply don’t believe. We must cry to our Lord, “I believe! Help me with my unbelief!” There is a part of our hearts that wants to want the right things. There is a part of our heart that wants to believe, that wants to set its sight on God. Sometimes, even my second-level desires seem to be on the verge of flickering away. At these times when my faith seems so small, I must remember, that He will not break a bruised reed, that He will not blow out the smothering flax. He is gentle with those who are weak. He loves broken people.

With that I come to the crux of it all – that even in the hardest of hearts, even in the stone-cold, dead, unmoving hearts, it is grace that transforms us. It is Love who rips out this cold heart and gives us a new one. It is Love that holds our attention with His beauty. It is Love that transforms our affections. It is Love that helps us to finally see. Yes, heaven will be amazing, and we eagerly await for the day. But Love is doing His work right now, in our hearts. Therefore, since God is working within us and transforming us, let us take all of our beings and devote it to God. For this is worship. Let us fight this fight against sin and be transformed in our sights, our hearts, in our minds.


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