Flesh. Spirit. War.

September 17, 2009

The entire universe groans in silent tremblings
within, in my joints and muscles, and each sinews.
Each belabored breath is its crying out in shame,
in pain, in great anticipation, of unquenchable
desperate longing for Sabbath, for relief from
the inevitable decay that greedily awaits
even the mightiest of stars.

These soot-covered mirrors that surround
only reveal my own reflection, with unending,
accusing gaze, with a hint of untraceable, menacing
grin.  Even they silently mock behind my back.
This is not ‘other people’, but rather only you
with yourself, and nothing but yourself, so that
others lose all their identity and you yours.

Why do I do the things I do not want to do?
The war wages on, the same conflict that has
shaken the heavens and the earth, the One
who has flung the stars into the sea, the One
who has violently spoken the world into being –
He is commanding war within.
The entire universe groans, inside. Same war,
same battle.  The only way to survive
is to crucify your very life.


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