Sad Christian

August 9, 2009

I’m talking with my atheist friend, and he’s telling me about a guy he works with who’s clinically depressed and taking anti-depressants.

Who also happens to be a Christian. Who seems to know all about salvation by grace and not by works. What an unfortunate portrayal of Christ! Are Christians not commended to rejoice! (and i’ll say it again: rejoice!)

Was Jesus ever sad? The answer is yes. Jesus wept. He was sorrowful even unto death. Does the Gospels ever mention him LoL’ing or ROFL’ing? I cannot remember a single passage that records this, but I’m sure Jesus had a good sense of humor. For humor is a sign of levity; good humor, a sign of humility. But I feel like His divine joy, was too great for Him to reveal to us. I can just see him with this grin/smirk, with thought bubbles coming out through His halo, “Wait till you find out what I’m about to do!” Because at the root of all joy is a surprise. And crucifixion was a pretty big surprise; resurrection, even a bigger one.

Now that this surprise has been revealed to us, as Christians, we have reasons to be joyful. It doesn’t matter if you feel like you’re alone, never had a girlfriend, is balding, is living without a purpose, don’t want to face the day, hate the sensation of the passing moment, or whatever.

We have a reason to be happy. We have a reason to sing. The whole creation groans for the unveiling of His sons.


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