Attending a Korean Church 30 minutes away from work

July 17, 2009

At work, a few of the Christians met to pray for one another and share evangelism opportunities amongst our co-workers.  We’re also going over this book called “Thank God it’s Monday”, which talks about exactly that. Which got me thinking…

Right now, work is my mission field. It is a mission field for most of the Christians who go to church – most of us are not full-time pastors or christian organization workers or missionaries in a foreign country.  Then how does it make any sense that I attend a Korean American church, where the differences in culture create an extra barrier for my co-workers to come out to service?  Doesn’t the very fact that the name of the church starts with “Korean” give the impression that the church is only for Korean people?  Doesn’t my Caucasian friend stand out and feel like he doesn’t belong there (and especially because he didn’t go to Stanford or Berkeley?)  And what about the distance? Suppose i attended a church close by. Wouldn’t it be more convenient for most of my co-workers to check it out?

It really doesn’t make sense.  Maybe I go to a Korean Presbyterian church because I grew up in a Korean Presbyterian church – because it’s comfortable. But if this church and its settings provide unnecessary impediments to evangelism to people i spend 70% of my waking moments with, does it really make any sense?

On the one hand, comfort.  On the other, discomfort.  “Which will you choose for me?”


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