Empty Moments

April 24, 2009

Your life is so full of them.  These empty moments that do not amount to anything.  So you try to fill it with something – with things that seem beautiful, good, and true.  With things that occupy your mind, and tantalize your senses so as not to turn your thoughts into how futile and utterly worthless all this life can be.  You even fill it, perhaps, with things that seem honorable, with helping others who are less fortunate.

But still.  These moments are all. so. empty.

And they are empty because they are not full of things that last.   When you fill your jug with water that evaporates away, you have to busy yourself with constantly filling it.  When you help someone in need and realize that you only do it to pat yourself on the head, or be appreciated and approved by other people that you consider decent folks.

What you really need, then, is a spring of water.  Water that springs forth ceaselessly into you, which then flows from within you, that doesn’t need to be filled with activities and busy-ness of life.  You need not fill your life with clutter; what you need is Life.

Then, all these good things can finally be good.  You can finally help others with genuine love for them.  You can finally enjoy a work of art or a sunrise, for their beauty and not so that you can impress others.  You can finally listen to a cliched, cheesy love songs without feeling guilty.  Life need not be empty anymore.  What was once ephemeral and fleeting away, can be tasted and savored.  For you have met Life.   You have seen the heights, and so the lows are acknowledge to be stepping stones and not pedestals.


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