Infinitude of a Soul

April 12, 2009

They pass by me. The beggars, the lonely, the desperate, the forsaken, the forgotten ones, the ones hungering for someone’s attention and care and love.  And they are all worth more than the impressive, tall skyscrapers; they are worth infinitely more, for when all of this crumbles down into a heap of nothing, their souls will still remain, either folded up into little balls of selfishness, or stretched out into glorious unfathomable dimensions. Both are infinite realities – either infinitely small or infinitely large.

Then. This means that nothing else in the world is ultimately worth more than a person’s soul.  Not money, not fame, not even your reputation and what people think of you. Are you contributing to the ultimate infinite reality of a person’s soul? Then it’s okay to be maligned, to be misunderstood.  And which of the two realities are you headed towards as you participate in this work of making saints?  Are you then becoming a saint?  For the only thing that can change the world are saints, imitators of Christ.  For they are the light of the world.  The kingdom of heaven is within them; the rule of God, the soveriegnty of God, is within their hearts as they obey Him.

Then. Let every movement of our bodies, every thought, every word spoken, be a manifestation of this Kingdom.  God’s kingdom has invaded this nature, not as an enemy, but as a returning king.  The Taoist had at least some notion of the way; but we know that this Way is more than just some force, some rule, but a person.

This Easter. Christ is the resurrection. Let His resurrection, be real in our hearts, be shown to be powerful in everything we do, say and think.  For His resurrection was real, and because it was a historical reality, it can be a spiritual reality in the present, as we look towards the unveiling of His sons.


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