Some random sonnet from last year, dated november 10th

March 12, 2009

If I’m mistaken ’bout the way you say
my name or touch me lightly on my hands
or how you stare into my eyes in ways
that only foolish lovers understand,

or how you laugh at every silly joke
and compliment on every little thing,
can anyone be dumb enough to hope
in such a love that sorrow always brings?

Perhaps this too is fragment of my mind;
imaginations of a lonely night.
For how could such an angel so refined
pretend to stoop to lows below her right?

I’ll run the risk of pain, for better yet
at least I’ll never taste that deep regret


i kinda hope (and kinda don’t) that i get rejected by every girl i like. then i’d be alone with my poems. muahaha.


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