Disturbing Thoughts About the Future

February 9, 2009

I had some really disturbing thoughts this morning as I was taking a shower before church. It was likely triggered by the talk on moral relativism, and dystopian films i’ve watched recently.

As I look at our society, I cannot help but to notice this imbalance of values. We value freedom as the ultimate virtue, and rightly so, for it is intrinsically woven together with our ability to love. But we value it far too much, in disregard to our lesser virtues, including that of common sense. We pride ourselves for being in a society that allows you to do whatever you want, even to slowly opiate ourselves into the pits, or over-sex ourselves into impotence, and glut our bellies into heart attacks. We are, in fact, taking pride in having the choice to kill ourselves. How many years will it take before euthanasia is legalized? Perhaps there will be euthanasia clinics where the workers are required to smile. Perhaps it will be covered by medicare. Perhaps you will have to fill out a form that lists your surviving family members. Perhaps you will be required to have an ‘exit’ interview.

As I ponder about such grim possibilities, I must remind myself the role of the Church in such a dark place as this. We must be the agent that removes the hallucinating drugs that cloud the minds of those in this world. We must be the salt that engages in the culture and brings light to it. We must be the mind molders, the scientists, the philosophers, the doctors, the lawyers, the teachers, the actors, the artists. Souls are saved not just from behind the pulpit. Their souls are won by the Body ‘being in the world’ and not of it.


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