Beauty of the Gospel

January 27, 2009

What is it about the Gospel that draws us near? What do we find so attractive about a story of a man who is misunderstood, betrayed, beaten, mocked, and murdered? Why do we sing about how wonderful the cross is, the very instrument of torture and death? Why will the elders sing ‘Worthy is the Lamb that was slain.”?

On the surface, from our natural selves, nothing about the Gospel draws us near to it.  We do not find this man of sorrow to be a man of joy.  We find beauty in this story only because God places in us new hearts.  In the most heinous crime of history, the murder of God’s son, we find beauty, salvation, and joy.  His joy was hidden, for His mirth was too great for us to understand.  It is only fitting then that our joy in Him surpasses all understanding.  Our minds, our intellect, become subservient to our hearts.  Faith is not unreasonable. It is supra-reasonable.

The recognition of beauty is the resonance of the heart.  (wow i gave that answer in Theory of Knowledge class in high school. funny how you remember little things like that…) Dead hearts do not move; stone hearts do not tremble.  It is only when Christ places this new beating heart in us, that our hearts are turned.

Regurgitated Peter Kreeft…. He’s the most theologically reformed Roman catholic i’ve heard.


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