What I wanted to tell you yesterday was…

January 20, 2009

That whatever you’re going through, God is good.
That God is working even now, to accomplish His good perfect and pleasing will.
Like in the book of Ruth, when the Israelites were going through tough times, when Naomi thought all was lost, God was working behind the scenes.
That some of what we go through may in fact be God disciplining us, for He disciplines His sons.
That some of what we go through may be because we’ve failed to learn the lessons when He has gently told us.
That all of what we go through will in the end glorify Him, and be for our good.

That the sun shines behind the rainy clouds.
And when it is night, that the sun shines on the other side of the earth.

And though we should perish, that the whole universe sings in praise of the King.
That it groans in the anticipation of the unveiling of His sons.

That our great, good King has overcome the world.

That there is hope and purpose. And that it gives meaning to everything. That when we have this perspective, we can finally love, we can finally see things in perspective.

Oh if you only knew… If you’d only open up your eyes!


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