Year in Review

December 29, 2008

I had 3 resolutions this past year.

1) Do what i want to do.

2) Want what i want to do.

3) Go skiing when i get back to denver on christmas

The first one, I have not done very well on.  The second one has not be very successful either.  The third – well i’m not even in colorado.

It feels like youth group is making it extra hard for me to connect with my peers. i want to move on, but the need is too great.  i see the ministry going in a totally different direction than one in which i want to be involved in. not that the direction is bad in itself (no, it can turn out really good); it’s just that i don’t see my part in it.  there are not many opportunities to contribute according to my strengths, which comes down to teaching. (which has been a problem since i haven’t been learning anything. hahaha) future is uncertain right now. trust in God.

Things I’ve learned.

1) play to my strength. Don’t spread myself out thin doing things i’m not good at, especially in regards to ministry.

2) don’t trust others too much. i dunno if this is a lesson that should be unlearned. it certainly is one i’d rather have not learned.

2009 resolutions

1) exercise 3 times a week (eat right too)

2) have regular jam sessions with others(once a week)

3) smile more.


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