sip coffee and write poetry all day

December 9, 2008

sometimes i wish i was independently wealthy, so i could just sip coffee and write poetry all day. ha! fat chance! (unless i land myself a foxy cougar. rawr).

but really. that’d be pretty awesome. i was listening to one of my friends sing one of the poems i wrote. and i must say, words ard pretty darn good. her voice + melody is amazing as well, which might have had somethign to do with it.  it’d be awesome to just sit around and write poetry. hahaha.

i guess i haven’t grown up one bit. 😛

It’s late. but. i want to write something before i sleep. haven’t done this in a while. but it’s like riding a bike….

If i could still my tongue and hold my breath,
and listen to His voice, that calls my name
instead of blindly seeking to be blessed,
I’d surely live a life that’s not in vain

If i could only open up my eyes
to see how blessed all my life has been,
it’d silence all the chatter, and the cries
and surely would i live in death to sin

Your voice is near, and gentle is your touch.
You comfort, comfort, calling me to you
I’ll love thee more, for been forgiven much
My tears adorn thy feet as precious jewel

Restore my sight, may men not seem as trees
may love of neighbors burst from love for thee


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