From a joobo on March 23rd, 2008

November 8, 2008

Before Knowing Christ: broken + Hopeless

After Knowing Christ: broken + Hopeful


Mark 16:9-11

(v1) I woke up, took off my clothes, went out of my room to the garden, looked up and I cried

(c) Oh to live again! I want to breathe again! I want to be healed!

(v2) You woke up, took off your robes, went out of the tomb, to the garden, you looked at me and cried

(c) Oh I’m alive again! Yes I breathe again! By my wounds you are healed!

(B) By your wounds, I am healed! By your life, I live! Breath on me!

(end) I woke up, finally woke up, I laughed, i smiled, and I cried for the first time, and now I’m alive.

and some random stanza…

Goodbye sister, don’t you cry

but save that portion of the sky

when I see you on that day,

when your rule has come to pass

on Him your hope you can cast

He who takes away your shame…


One Response to “From a joobo on March 23rd, 2008”

  1. hyungulee Says:

    and when i found you, you found me

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